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Digital Marketing News: Twitter’s Bot Detox Fallout, Google’s Mobile Thumbs-Up, & Millennial’s Top Social IQ Factors

Report: Google’s mobile search results now show image thumbnails 45% of the time Mobile Google users see image thumbnails in nearly half the search results shown, according to new report data. Should marketers consider placing greater importance on thumb images? Search Engine LandTwitter’s bot purge welcomed by agency execs Twitter recently deleted millions of spam and inactive accounts in an effort to improve the platform. Does the move increase credibility among marketers and influencers? DigiDayReport: Social media sentiment not predictive of offline brand outcomes New research looks into online and offline brand conversations and their effect on consumer sentiment, plus the motivations that drive them. Marketing LandEU digital chief urges lawmakers to ease tough copyright stand The European Union’s top digital advisor has asked E.U. lawmakers to relax stringent proposed copyright reforms. A look at warding off potential losses in creative technology industries by re-visiting rules…

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