Web Design Trends for Real Estate

Each and every year, new website trends become popular. One of the main reasons that web design changes are because of web standards change and developers always want to move forward into the future and improve web designs. There are a couple of things that you may notice becoming vastly popular this year in websites. We have made a list below of the top new web trends that you will be seeing out there. Do you have any of these web trends on your site?

Mobile Menu: The 3 bar menu at the middle of the page or at the top right of the webpage is very popular.

mobile website designWhite Spaces: No more sidebars! We have entered the modern era of the web. The removal of sidebars and adding more what space gaps on a website will ultimately focus your site on the midsection.

Drop the Slideshow: Slideshows were always bad for SEO and they were too heavy for sites. Dropping the slide show will pick your websites speed and will always be positive in terms of new SEO Standards.

MLS on Home Page: More and more real estate agent are ditching the ‘sold’ gallery and they are having their developers implement the IDX/MLS right on their home page. The MLS is a great way to show a client what houses are currently available in the area. The MLS also allows an individual to search homes based on their preferences. This preference can be, for example, let’s say a couple needs a 4 bedroom house with 1-acre land. The MLS provides a custom option for this couple to search what homes are currently available based on their specific preferences.Most developers will integrate IDX free on an agents website. The MLS is a handy tool to have up and customized. All real estate agents are recommended to their MLS displayed on their site.

Faster Loading Speed: Websites that load fast are more preferred than those that load up slowly. Internet visitors have a low attention span when it comes to waiting for a website to load. When the site load time is above 1 second, it is more likely that that internet visitor will leave the page. Have a fast loading website by compressing your CSS files.

Wide Screen Design: It’s time to ditch the small boxed up screen web site design and get a nice widescreen design for yourself. It is much more professional and has a great quality to it.

Mobile Homepage: Mobile web design is very important. The primary reason why mobile web design is important is because there are millions of people browsing from their phones instead of their desktops. Developers have the option to create a custom mobile homepage for site and that is through using an if else statement to drag in certain coding based on device preferences.

Website trends are out there and happening for a reason. Sooner or later, every website will follow these trends so its best to start with them now rather than later.

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